A systemic and operational
approach to regeneration

A collaborative initiative to support the regeneration of cities and natural ecosystems
for the benefit of thriving communities and future generations

Overview of Regenopolis

Regenopolis is a collaborative initiative supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs address climate change, reverse nature & biodiversity loss and ensure social equity through nature-positive solutions for urban development, land restoration and community development. 

We aim at addressing the mismatch between capital looking for impact at scale, and high-potential local projects related to climate action, protection of biodiversity, urban resilience, and well-being of local communities in Africa. 

We are building a pipeline of investment-ready social enterprises : we source local initiatives, provide tailor-made support services to bring them towards maturity, profitability and scale, implement proprietary impact assessment and facilitate access to financing.

We are mobilizing catalytic capital and venture philantropy for both optimized public spending and aligned, purposeful private capital. We are helping leading social enterprises raise hybrid growth capital so they can scale their social impact.

We believe that Africa is the cradle of a new model of regenerative development ; our work will eventually span across 5 continents

Protection of natural resources and biodiversity - Regenopolis

What We Do?

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Regenerative Cities

Support the development of regenerative cities by unlocking climate & biodiversity projects deal flow in Africa and fast track their matching with aligned capital.

Generate projects deal flow – pre-seed and seed capital (€50,000 – 500,000), small-size (€0.5 – 2mn), and mid-size (€2 – 10mn) that accelerate the regeneration of our urban and natural environment.

Assist developers and ecopreneurs in the initial development stages towards bankability and growth, while building local skills in the process.

Build multi-stakeholders alliances of “regenerators” or “ecopreneurs” to ensure high-impact, scale-up and replication.

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Nature / Great Green Wall

Build an alliance of investors and service providers to support ecopreneurs and restoration-focus value chains along the Great Green Wall.

Bridge market demand and producers of regenerative products to enhance rural livelihoods, protect natural ecosystems and accompany corporate net zero commitments.

Provide advisory services to corporate off-takers towards net zero and nature commitments.

Close the gap between large sums pledged by corporates and donors and small size of local projects by creating an Alliance of Service Providers to the Great Green Wall that together can unlock opportunities.

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Biosphere / Regen X

Build a pipeline of investment-ready, high quality and high-impact nature-based carbon projects.

Provide ecopreneurs with the tools, resources and fundraising possibilities needed to get off the ground towards achieving certification and trading.

Facilitate access to technologies that provide trust, transparency and legitimacy in carbon markets and expand its volume and integrity.

Create a digital carbon trading mechanism harnessing the power of web3 through standardized tokens to trade credits on the platform.

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Communities / Regenerative Hospitality

Micro-hospitality as a catalyser for economic development and ecosystems regeneration. 

Contribute to develop project of regenerative hospitality whereby hospitality serves local economic & social development, empower local communities, protect endangered cultural assets and restore fragile natural ecosystems.

Regen Alliances & Partners

Our vision

Our vision is one of a flourishing biosphere : we believe in a regenerative development that
removes carbon, restores nature, and puts the well-being of current and future generations
first. We believe in a holistic solution unlocking eco-projects deal flow for regenerative cities and communities, and the restoration of surrounding natural capital assets, bringing tailored expertise, matching aligned capital, and leveraging technology solutions.

our vision - regenopolis
We are contributing directly towards
14 of the 17 Sustainable Develoment Goals.

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