Regenopolis assists some ecopreneurs in their development stage to help them achieve bankability, high-impact and scale-up. 

Solar-powered irrigation system - Regenopolis

Solar-powered irrigation system

Description: Social enterprise that provides small and medium scale solar-powered irrigation systems to smallholder forest and farm producers.

Impact: preservation of natural resources, inclusiveness & well-being.

Support needed: Financial (looking for >1M euros) and in-kind (business development, technical expertise, partnerships & collaborative intelligence

Agroecology in West Africa - Regenopolis

Agroecology in West Africa

Description : A social business tackling food insecurity and poverty in the Sahara region, using market-led approach in reviving extinct cereals and endemic plants, rich in key nutrients.

Impact: Inclusive growth, well-being, natural assets restoration.

Support Needed: Financial (>1.5M EUR inv ) and in kind (technical expertise, strategy and business development)


Reforestation in Niger

Description: planting local trees that are more resistant to extreme weather with the goal of 7000 km2 of plantation and 1 million plants per year

Impact: alleviate hunger, bring back animals in the area, positive impacts on agriculture and agroforestry

Support needed: Financial support ($0.5 - $2M) and in-kind support (mentoring, capacity building, partnerships and technical expertise)