Regen Tools

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Regen Time Bank™

Digital marketplace matching human capital offered on a pro bono basis and entrepreneurs in Africa lacking access to expertise.

Highly skilled environmental, climate, biodiversity and business experts worldwide have the opportunity to volunteer their time and expertise directly to an ecopreneur, providing needed advice and support (fundraising, marketing, business strategy, operations, etc..) and contributing to business growth and positive environmental impact.

Convenient and easily accessible space for talented nature-based businesses to access much needed expertise at no or minimal cost, thus removing a significant barrier to grow

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Regen Catalytic Facility

A blended financing vehicle to finance origination, structuring and financing of nature-positive solutions for regenerative cities, communities and land restoration towards sustainability and scale, as well as seed and small-size investments

Finance technical assistance, i.e. access to technical expertise, partnerships, visibility, support services and markets to help consolidate and scale-up businesses.

Provide aligned capital to ecopreneurs and SMEs, i.e. a mix of patient capital, grants, venture philanthropy and impact funding.

Bundle existing projects to mobilize investors. 

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Regen Impact Index™

Facilite and streamline impact assessment for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Measure impact on climate, nature, and well-being of population. 

Develop a simplified framework to measure the impact of a project for ecopreneurs and SMEs.