Our Value Proposal

We offer systemic shift through reversed engineering.
We originate, structure and accompany projects towards implementation at scale.

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Projects origination

Sourcing, promoting and empowering local solutions and initiatives.

Facilitating the emergence of new solutions from collective intelligence.

Bringing efficiency to project developers & ecopreneurs by accessing vetted regen technologies and services.

Size: pre-seed & seed capital ($50,000 – 500,000);  small-size ($0.5–2mn) ; mid-size ($2–10mn).

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Project structuring

Provide tailor-made support services to bring projects towards consolidation, maturity and scale.

Local expertise, first and foremost through the Intelligent Capital™ approach developed by our partner ESP.

International experts mobilized on pro bono through the RegenTimeBank™.

Services: access to expertise, access to markets, access to support services, access to visibility.

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Project financing

Mobilize catalytic capital, venture philanthropy and impact funds pledged to support natural capital and sustainable cities, for both optimized public spending and aligned, purposeful private capital.

Designing ad hoc blended finance investment.

Help leading social enterprises raise hybrid growth capital so they can scale their social impact


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Project impact monitoring

Project vetting through rigorous business and risk assessment.

Projects monitoring & evaluation against specific and simplified metrics developed by Regenopolis (RegenImpact™ index), focusing on climate, biodiversity and well-being of communities, which are fully aligned with impact assessment methodologies used by financial partners.