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What is Regen X?

RegenX is working at the nexus of tech and nature in the view of facilitating capital flows towards regeneration projects in emerging economies, starting in Africa.

RegenX purpose is to monetize the regeneration of natural capital in Africa, led by ecopreneurs, farm-holders, and project developers in climate action, nature restoration and urban resilience,  through the payment for ecosystem services harnessed by digital tools.

RegenX is a global digital sourcing and trading mechanism on carbon and nature markets.

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Climate change endangers the well-being of people and the planet. Within the next 2 decades, global temperatures are likely to rise above 1.5°C. More than 1 million species are at risk of extinction from climate change. As such, we need to accelerate efforts towards nature-positive and decarbonized development.

Carbon credits play a fundamental role to not only mitigate climate change by accompanying the transition of global economies towards net-zero, but also play a key role in driving sustainable and nature-positive development in the communities where the projects take place.

Regenopolis is therefore developing a dedicated program, RegenX, allowing organizations to  monetize their carbon sequestration potential, with a particular attention to the preservation of biodiversity and the well-being of local population.

RegenX aims to protect natural sanctuaries, empower local communities and accompany business transition towards a new model in harmony with nature, mixing the best of ancient traditions and modern technologies.

In the first phase, RegenX will be articulated around 3 pillars: carbon origination, carbon assessment and certification, and carbon trading.

Through our world-class partner network, RegenX unlocks supply to the increasing demand of carbon credits by sourcing and structuring high-quality carbon projects in Africa, working with farmers and entrepreneurs in land conservation, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, renewable energies, waste management and water.

But RegenX aims to move beyond carbon and address the nascent nature market. Why?

Because the sustainability of our economic systems depends on the sustainability of our ecosystem and its biodiversity. Nature and its contributions have historically been misvalued, and its economic benefits inequitably distributed. With nature underpinning our global economy, generating approximately $44 trillion of global economic value and potentially delivering up to one-third of the required global net emissions reductions by 2030, regeneration of nature could be monetized for greater value and stewardship.

While nature markets are slowly getting attention and structure, RegenX intends to start its activities on voluntary carbon markets, with a particular attention to 5 co-benefits of carbon removal and carbon offset projects : biodiversity, access to clean energy, preservation of water resources, economic growth and job creation, and gender parity.

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Value proposal

Carbon sourcing and carbon structuring

RegenX sources and supports high-quality carbon projects:

  • Land conservation and natural ecosystems preservation
  • Reforestation and mangroves
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable energy
  • Water
  • Waste management / Biochar

Carbon legitimacy

Regen X relies on existing methodologies and when non-existent supports the design of own validation protocols based on rigorous science-based information and traceable data using adequate tech for real-time monitoring, such as public satellite data and drones, in order to make impact on natural capital visible.

Carbon trading

RegenX develops a hybrid model of trading first in the physical world with corporates and ultimately also in the metaverse in order to engage a new generation of counscious citizens.

RegenX will pool high-quality verified carbon credits and sell them on a secure exchange that provides standardized tokens.

Beyond carbon

RegenX measures additionalities on biodiversity as well as on livelihoods and well-being. Carbon credits proving additionalities would be sold at a premium and will fund further initiatives on the ground – gender equality, improved access to water, health and education.

RegenX vision is to contribute to nature markets where carbon would be seen as a co-benefit of nature restoration, biodiversity protection and the regeneration of natural and urban ecosystems.