Amazonia, Peru

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Our second project is located in the north-east region of San Martin in Peru, in the buffer zone of the Cordilleta Escalera National Protected Area. It is a collaboration between 700’000 heures Impact and Bosque Guardian to contribute to the conservation, reforestation, and sustainable management of the forest, driven by the urgent need to protect and restore natural ecosystems, particularly in the face of environmental degradation in the Amazon rainforest region.

The project aims to ensure that the 3000has buffer zone utilize sustainable land management practices, creating a sustainable ecosystem that enhances biodiversity and mitigates the impacts of climate change. This is done by promoting alternative income-generating activities, training and capacity building to the community.


Following our Regenerative Hospitality four pillars, we are implementing the following initiatives:

Economic development:

  • Rehabilitation and operation of an eco-lodge;
  • Production of paper from natural materials (e.g. banana or cacao trees’ fiber for wood-pulp and paper) and production of recycled paper from local community packaging and cardboard waste;
  • Melipona (stingless) hive beekeeping and honey production;
  • Chocolate production using 100% of the cocoa plant.
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Community empowerment:

  • Training and capacity building on hospitality, language, sustainable land management, emergency response (with firefighters), environmental protection, beekeeping, construction, paper production;
  • Creation of educational material dedicated to children and travelers about the preservation of biodiversity;
  • Daycare for children to free women’s time to engage in economic activities.
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Heritage Preservation:

  • Collection and sharing of traditional wisdom and know- how;
  • Curation of encounters between local community and visitors to share about local practices and traditions;
  • Dissemination of scientific research on endemic species highlighting their benefits and the need for their conservation;
  • Publication of a book (locally-produced paper) about the biodiversity in and around Bosque Guardian.

Ecosystem restoration:

  • Forests census
  • Reforestation
  • Restoration and conservation of degraded lands
  • Agroecology nursery (mushrooms, cocoa, coffee, fruits)
  • Wildlife survey using aerial environment DNA
  • Deployment of camera traps for biodiversity monitoring
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